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Visa Debit Card

Our debit card gives you a faster, more economical, more convenient way to buy the products and services you need. That’s because it allows you to withdraw funds from your checking account without ever having to write out a check. You can use it at any merchant where VISA is accepted.

In addition, your Visa debit card can be used as an ATM card at any ATM displaying Cirrus , Accel, or Visa. Daily transaction limit is $300 per day. There are no ATM fees if used at any of our 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. ATM locations.

To activate your debit card or to set up a PIN, call 800-992-3808.

In order to protect our customers from fraudulent activity, 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. blocks transactions out of your normal spending area. If you plan to travel outside of your normal spending area, please call 833-459-3589.

If your Visa debit card is lost or stolen, please call 833-459-3589.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your debit card, please call 833-459-3590.

Overdraft Protection

With overdraft protection, if you inadvertently overdraw your account, available funds are transferred from another checking or savings account to avoid overdraft or returned items fees. The amount of the overdraft will be transferred only if it is available in the linked account.

Overdraft protection is available upon your request and requires a signed authorization.

We appreciate your business and want to make sure you have the information you need to make the right decision for you. If you have any question regarding our overdraft services, simply visit the branch nearest you, or contact account services at 843-549-2526.

Automated Telephone Teller

Need account access after bank hours? No problem! 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc.'s Automated Telephone Teller service allows customers to obtain up-to-date account information, to transfer funds between accounts, or to make loan payments through 24-hour telephone access. A touch-tone phone is required to access accounts directly, but customers will reach the Customer Service Department during business hours if a rotary phone is used. To access accounts, callers are required to register by entering a nine-digit Social Security number and an eight-digit birth date that corresponds to the account identification information. The system will then prompt the caller to enter a four digit (customer defined) personal identification number (PIN).

If you are in Colleton County, please use the local number. Only use the toll-free number if you are calling long distance.

Telephone Teller


 Information Provided by Telephone Teller 

Rate Information

  • Savings accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit

Checking Accounts

  • Available balance
  • Service charge info
  • Last 10 checks cleared
  • Last 10 withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or debit card purchases
  • Last 10 deposits
  • Information by check number
  • Current and prior year interest earnings
  • Interest rate
  • Transfer funds to or from

Savings Accounts

  • Available balance
  • Last 10 deposits
  • Last 10 withdrawals
  • Transfer funds to or from
  • Interest rate
  • Current and prior year interest earnings
  • Make loan payment

Certificates of Deposit

  • Current balance
  • Current and prior year interest
  • Next maturity date

Mortgage & Consumer Loan Accounts

  • Make a payment
  • Principal balance
  • Current interest rate
  • Current and prior year interest
  • Escrow information
  • Current and prior year taxes paid
  • Payment Information

Wire Transfer

This service allows same day transfers of funds between 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. and any other U.S. bank. Incoming and outgoing wires are processed up until closing. So, unlike many institutions, your incoming wire will be credited on the same day it is received during regular business hours.



First Federal Customers

Foreign Wire Customers




Night Deposit Drop

Convenient 24-hour night deposit is available at all 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. facilities. If you can’t make it to the bank during regular business hours, you can have security knowing your deposits will be made first thing the following morning at any of our office locations.

Safety Deposit Box

Annual rental fees are payable in advance and are collected at the time the box is rented. Notification of due payment for subsequent annual rent is mailed. If you choose, your annual payment can be drafted from your checking or savings account.
For our senior customers (55 or older) that have total deposits of $5,000.00 or more, we offer a 3x5 box at no charge. If you choose a larger box, we offer a $20.00 discount on any size box. Click here for information on our First Class Senior Account.
Customers with a checking account and $2,500.00 in savings or certificate of deposit are offered a $5.00 discount on any size box

3 x 5

3 x 10

5 x 10

10 x 10





Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, your payroll check, social security, or other regular payment is deposited electronically to your 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. checking account, money market, or savings account - immediately, on schedule, and at no cost to you. It's easy to enjoy the convenience, safety, and security of direct deposit. Simply provide your employer, social security office, or other payment source with your name, address, social security number, 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. checking account number, and 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. routing number (253272494). It's that easy.

Download the direct deposit sign up form. Simply complete the printed form and return it to a customer service representative at any of our convenient office locations. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document. 

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Automatic Transfer Service

This is the routine and automatic service of drafting funds from one account to pay into another account. The service can be used to make automatic loan payments or to make scheduled transfers between deposit accounts. Automatic transfers can be made from 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. checking, savings, and Money Market accounts to 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. checking, savings, Money Market, and loan accounts. 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. can also automatically draft an account at another financial institution to make a customer's 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. loan payment, or to make deposits into any 1st Federal Savings Bank of SC, Inc. deposit account. In all cases, the terms of the ‘from’ account and the ‘to’ account must allow for the transaction.

Miscellaneous Services & Associated Fees

Dormant account fee

$2.00 per month







Overdraft (each debit or check paid)


Non-sufficient funds (NSF) item (each)


Bill Pay monthly fee (15 payments)


(Each 10 additional payments)


Account activity printout

$1.00 per page

Account research

$25.00 per hour, $25.00 minimum

Account balancing assistance

$25.00 per hour, $25.00 minimum

Stop payments – checks (personal)

$28.00 per check

Stop payments – ACH payments

$28.00 per ACH item

Foreign exchange


Cashier’s checks (customer)


Cashier’s checks (non-customer)



$.25 per page

Microfiche copies

$1.00 per page

Return check chargeback fee

$3.00 per item

Items for collection fee

$10.00 per item

Night depository bag

$15.00 per bag

Safe deposit box rental

Varies by size

Safe deposit replacement key & lock


Safe deposit box drilling


Visa debit card replacement


POP Money (per transaction)




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